Brune Park School comes to visit

Brune Park students learning about heritage at Browndown trenches

Gosport’s HAZ, HSHAZ and Historic England have been working with Brune Park School students on a new Heritage Club as part of their social curriculum which seeks to enrich learning outside the classroom.

Ten Year 10 students spent one week with Historic England’s Education Lead, Helen Spencer discussing what heritage means and why we should care about it. During the week, the students explored Stokes Bay, the Diving Museum, Browndown Trenches, Gosport High Street and Museum. On the fourth day the group spent time with the Gosport Society looking at Heritage on Your Doorstep, and using tools like ArcGIS to plot heritage in a Geographic Information System.

The students showed a keen interest in the different styles of architecture on the high street and felt more could be made to celebrate these. They also came up with proposals for high street improvements including a game shop, indoor table tennis, drive in/roof top cinema/cocktail bar, a 1950/1960s diner, enhance the run of empty shops along Bemister’s Lane – gallery space/working with local artists, a pavement café opposite Barnets/Christian Bookshop, address the ongoing parking issues and make more use of the sundial and Lawrence Square with community events over the summer.

We had a great time meeting the students and hopefully helping them see heritage in a new light and open their minds to future careers. Heritage isn’t just old buildings. Heritage knowledge is key to architecture, construction, surveying, conservation, town planning as well as traditional museums and historic sites.

We hope to work with more schools and colleges over the coming years.