Alverstoke, Anglesey, & Stokes Bay Conservation Areas

Anglesey and Alverstoke have the highest concentration of listed buildings within the Borough.

The Anglesey Conservation Area actually splits into three distinct zones: the regency development known as ‘Angleseyville’, the medieval village of Alverstoke, and Stoke Lake.

A detailed archaeological assessment of Stokes Bay, and the recent characterisation study commissioned by Historic England, have highlighted the historic significance of Stokes Bay and the major role it played as part of the Gosport defences.

The review of these conservations areas, which would involve key community groups would consider the creation of a new conservation area covering Stokes Bay, and whether the existing designation would be better suited to three distinct zones. This has provisionally been suggested to local groups and has met with wide support.

The future potential development of key parts of the area will be an important element, as will the link to promoting the extensive heritage interest within Stokes Bay.

Key Facts

March 2020 – March 2024

Conserve Gosport’s heritage
Community and public engagement
Increase protection of conservation assets
Provide opportunities in the area

Anglesey Conservation Group
Gosport Borough Council
Gosport Society
Friends of Stokes Bay
Gosport & Fareham Multi Academy Trust
Gosport Museum & Art Gallery

Gosport Borough Council
Historic England

Where are we now?

Donald Insall Associates were appointed as Heritage Consultant for the new Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan on Stokes Bay, and review of Anglesey and Alverstoke Conservation Areas. This has been made possible by a Historic England grant of £18,000 which funds the consultant and a linked school’s heritage project which we delivered in partnership with Hampshire Cultural Trust.

The new designation of Stokes Bay was completed in Spring 2023.

Public consultation on Anglesey & Alverstoke is now open until 15 December 2023.