Browndown Trenches

Immediately south of the Alver Valley Country Park is the extensive World War One trench systems. Based on MoD land, the area is still accessible to the public.

It is hoped the HAZ bid may assist in securing on site archaeological survey work to identify the extent of the trench system. The trenches, believed to be a unique practice battlefield, would add significantly to the offer provided by improvements to the adjacent Alver Valley Country Park and has the potential to be a significant visitor attraction.

A report by Historic England on historic trenches in the country is nearing completion and the Gosport system comes out in the top five nationally. Consequently the system is a candidate for national designation to be considered by Historic England’s Listing Team following the survey and community engagement.

This HAZ project will support work to make the trenches a greater visitor attraction.

There are opportunities for significant community engagement, volunteer mobilisation and enrichment of visitor experiences. The project also has the potential to support job creation where there is scope to develop a visitor attraction in the Alver Valley, possibly with associated education outreach.

Key Facts

November 2019 – April 2024

Attract investment
Create potential job opportunities

Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)
Gosport Borough Council
Historic England

Where are we now?

A survey of the trenches by Historic England is complete, and the trenches are part of GVA’s Walking Past Mottes & Trenches walk The trenches are best viewed from January to March when the bracken has died back.