Creekside Walk

Extensive research on the significance of Stokes Bay is near completion by Historic England’s research team.

Additional research has been gathered locally and the story of Stokes Bay, Stoke Lake, and Haslar Creek would be a significant bonus to promoting the Borough’s extensive military heritage.

Funding for extensive sea defence works is timetabled for the next few years and a series of markers, input into landscaping, and interpretation boards linking Stokes Bay to the Town Centre would benefit from input through the HAZ project.

Gosport, being a very flat Borough is hugely popular with cyclists. Promotional material would highlight the important heritage on the key routes. This would be a popular venture and encourage visitors and wellbeing in an area of deprivation and poor health indices

Key Facts

April 2022 – March 2023 and ongoing

Increase public accessibility to heritage assets
Improve health, wellbeing and quality of life

Lead: Coastal Partners
Gosport Borough Council
GVA, Seekers Create, High Street HAZ (Historic England)

Gosport Borough Council,

High Street HAZ (Historic England)
Coastal Partners’ fundraising

Where are we now?

In Partnership with High Street HAZ, a local blind artist, Clarke, and Seekers Create have created an audio described Creekside Walk from Alverstoke to the High Street.  Local volunteers have filmed the walk with a Go-Pro and these will be brought together in a webpage hosted by GVA called Walking Past.