Daedalus Seaplane Square

A complex area within the Daedalus Conservation Area.  The land is owned by Homes England but designated by Gosport Local Plan as an Enterprise Zone.

The area consists of a sea front location with large scale hangers with listed internal framework.

As of April 2020, Homes England seek to dispose of the area on the open market. Gosport HAZ is assisting the planning process by championing the historic nature and crucial historic context of the area whilst encouraging the two parties to reach agreement around infrastructure in the conservation zone and agree the case for demolition of non-listed buildings.

Key Facts

April 2019 -March 2024

Increase commercial floorspace
Protect future of listed buildings
Provide better access and attract more visitors

Gosport Borough Council
Solent LEP

Gosport Borough Council

Where are we now?

Homes England have agreed a sale with a developer.  An announcement will be made as soon as the final terms are agreed. The new landowner is working with Gosport Borough Council’s planning department prior to any planning application being submitted.