Fort Blockhouse Masterplan

A detailed review of the site would help safeguard numerous heritage assets and set clear parameters for development.

Initial studies suggest that the site may have capacity for 350 residential units with approximately 3000 -3500 sq m marine/light industrial employment space and approximately 6000 sq m office space.

Funding is being sought from One Public Estate for key aspects of this work and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) have indicated they would be willing to provide additional funding towards this work.

The project will provide certainty to developers, increasing the likelihood of realising the benefits of investment and delivering on the housing and employment space potential.

Key Facts

April 2019 – March 2024 and ongoing

Conserve and enhance Gosport’s heritage
Increase the amount of housing and employment space
Attract more investment, business and visitors to Gosport

Defence Infrastructure Organisation
Gosport Borough council
Historic England

Defence Infrastructure Organisation
One Public Estate

Where are we now?

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation, Hampshire County Council and Gosport Borough Council are discussing the site. It is in a process of feasibility, information gathering and discussion, with a view to a possible disposal in 2025.