Haslar Guardhouses

The Haslar Gunboat Yard is a unique site designed and built for the Royal Navy’s Gunboats from 1856 onwards. 

The Yard includes two guardhouses (a Police Barracks and a Guardhouse) which is surrounded by a wall with two watchtowers and an entrance gate.  Research has confirmed that  Colonel Greene designed the gatehouses and wall. The design and detailing are of high quality and, although in poor condition, much of the original fabric survives. The importance of these structures is recognised as a Grade II* listing.

The Police Barracks are the most in need of attention and will be restored first.

Key Facts

April 2020 – November 2022

Conserving and enhancing Gosport’s heritage
New community space
Supporting increased opportunities

Gosport Borough council
Historic England
Hornet Services Sailing Club

Fareham College

Historic England
Hornet Services  Sailing Club

Where are we now?

Historic England has awarded £399,985 to kick start the repairs project, starting with the restoration and replacement of the roof on the Police Barracks. Army Sailing Association will be taking over use of the building on completion of the internal works.  The Police Barracks was taken off the At Risk Register in November 2022.