Priddy’s Hard

In 1997-9 the Borough oversaw the restoration of the north face of the north wing to the Camber at Priddy’s Hard.

At that time some archaeological work was undertaken but it was recognised that further refurbishment, repair and restoration would make the Camber an excellent visit attraction in its own right as part of the story of the supply of naval ordnance from the late 18th Century to the Falklands War.

The refurbishment of the former street furniture in Priddy’s Hard, of Victorian date, could also be an attractive and important element.

The area has received planning consent for a Phase II development involving around 29 residential units and the conversion of key listed buildings. A further 100 units are to be proposed in the timescale of a HAZ and would benefit from additional input to secure the repair and refurbishment of key landscape elements.

It is also anticipated that as well as 100 residential units, the site could enable employment space; including craft distillery and holiday accommodation, as well as a museum attraction and a pub/restaurant.

Key Facts

April 2019 – March 2022

Increase residential units
Provide employment space

Lead: Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust
Gosport Borough Council
Hampshire County Council
Historic England
National Museum of the Royal Navy
National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF)

National Lottery Heritage Fund

Where are we now?

Next stages will include viability reports on the remaining buildings Key repairs to the Camber harbour and sea defenses are also being developed and understood.