Royal Clarence Yard

Royal Clarence Yard has been a regeneration site developed over a 20 year period and successfully retained all historic buildings of interest in a mixed use site.

One of three such yards (Royal William and Royal Victoria being the other two), this site includes buildings and structures dating from c.1700 to the 20th Century all associated with supplies for the Royal Navy.

The area requires a detailed conservation area appraisal and management plan to help manage future development and above all assist with facilitating economic opportunities along its exceptional waterfront. Balancing residents’ needs and the needs of the area’s business community will be a key aspect of the review. The area also requires a simplified revised signage plan, information panels on the areas rich history, and an agreed lighting scheme to encourage evening/night time business opportunities.

The Residents Association are liaising with Gosport Borough Council over ideas to preserve and enhance the areas special interest and will be directly involved in developing ideas for the area. There is also the urgent need to bring forward plans for the Retained Area, now owned by UK Docks and renamed Victoria Quay. UK Docks and GBC will be working in partnership with the DIO and HE to identifying a way forward for a site containing ‘at risk’ listed buildings on a major employment site. This will result in the need for significantly more funding to assess the level of risk and review viability issues.

The outcome of the project should be to help unlock business potential on the waterfront particularly for marine related industries, taking account of the deep water frontage; this site should be seen as a major driver for inward investment. There is also the scope to increase visitor potential.

Key Facts

April 2019 – December 2023

Conserve Gosport’s heritage
Improve signage and information
Increase housing and employment space
Enhance business potential on the waterfront – particularly for marine-related industries

Gosport Borough Council
Royal Clarence Yard Residents Association

Historic England

Gosport Borough Council

Where are we now?

Royal Clarence Yard Conservation Area has undergone an Appraisal with Conservation Management Plan with the Council’s consultant Alan Baxter Ltd.  The draft report has undergone public consultation ending on 10 November.  The next stage is to analyse the responses and take the report to GBC’s Regulatory Board for adoption.