Our Historic Alleyways

Alleyways are key features of the High Street and were perhaps the haunts of the C.19th naval press gangs?

However, they have much changed over time. Whereas from the C.18th to the early C.20th many would have led to courtyards and workshops today they largely lead into car parks or open spaces.

This project will celebrate the history and stories of the alleyways and explore the meaning behind their local names such as ‘Carter’s Yard’ ‘Hobbs Passage’, ‘Wises Alley’ and ‘Black Bear Yard’.

Gosport’s Alleys Reimagined is a new project led by the Sustainable Conservation Trust, Ankle Deep studios and funded by Arts Council England, to create a series of art installations.  Watch out for new art creations in the alleyways soon.

Where are we now?

An exhibition of the work created during Gosport’s Alleys Reimagined will be on display at the Discovery Centre from 25 November for a week.