Royal Arms Hotel

This project is all about restoring some of the grandeur to the former Royal Arms Hotel on Stoke Road.

Originally established in 1810, it was in the 20th century that it became known as the ‘Submariners Pub’ as it was regular haunt of submariners returning to Gosport after a tour of duty.

Last orders at the Royal Arms were called for the final time in the early 21st century. However, its distinctive and highly decorative glass canopy and glazed tile façade remain as a reminder of days past.

Now listed at Grade II the Royal Arms continues to make an important contribution to the Stoke Road streetscape. This is why we are now working with its current owners to restore the canopy and façade to ensure they can continue to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Where are we now?

 The main repair work to the cast iron and coloured glass is now complete.  The soffit has been replaced and redecorated, and the restoration is now complete.