The Imagination Refinery

The Imagination Refinery will provide vibrant easily accessible work spaces, maker spaces, training and business incubator spaces on Gosport High Street.

It will be focused on, but not exclusive to, the environmental and creative industries. The Imagination Refinery will be more than a single space – it is also a model for how people can work together to overcome the socio-economic challenges we face after Covid-19, creating a new viable uses for vacant retail units and driving new footfall to the High Street.

The Imagination Refinery will enable local people to make the most of existing resources and assets by enabling seamless sharing and supporting collaboration. As such the effort and capital that an individual invests in an idea will be multiplied by the community and support local growth.

Where are we now?

The Makers Guild are currently helping us with the how, who, when and where that is involved in bringing the Imagination Refinery to life. This will involve some concept testing, so watch this space…..