Submariners Stories

The Royal Navy’s Submarine Service is inextricably linked with Gosport and is tightly woven into the story of the town. HMS Dolphin on the Haslar Peninsula was the home of the Royal Navy Submarine Service from 1904 to 1999 and location of the Royal Navy Submarine School.

Today the Grade II listed Submarine Escape Training Tower (SETT) and the Royal Navy Submarine Museum stand as physical reminders of Gosport’s importance to the Submarine Service. The precious memories and stories of those who served aboard the submarine fleet are perhaps less tangible and as veterans grow older they are at increasing risk of being lost in the passage of time.

Every submariner has a story or two to tell about their experience. The verbal lessons a new sailor will receive and the many sea stories they hear along the way have long been an essential means of preserving the experience of past actions, battles, and events and of imparting experience to young sailors.

Working with the National Museum of the Royal Navy the HSHAZ team will be collecting the memories and reminiscences of former submariners and their wives based in Gosport.

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