Welcome Back Fund : South Cross Street mural

Gosport Borough Council have appointed Studio BAD to create a range of interventions designed to enhance the experience of Gosport town centre for local people and visitors. The work is funded by HM Government’s ‘Welcome Back Fund’ and the European Regional Development Fund to support the safe return to high streets and help build back after the pandemic.

Studio BAD have collaborated with Amanda Moor on this mural which, is applied to the brick facade of the South Cross Street facing wall of 132 High Street which, is home to Gosport Pool Arena. Amanda is a qualified architect and artist who has worked on a number of public art commissions. 

The mural uses the concept of  ‘dazzle’ to link to Gosport’s naval heritage. Dazzle is a style of ship camouflage which uses glaring geometric patterns and was credited as being designed by British marine artist Normal Wilkinson. The camouflage was designed to disrupt identifications of a ship’s type, speed, size and direction and was used during both World Wars.

The colours chosen are partly inspired by the mosaic used at Seabrook Towers on Gosport waterfront whilst the grey colour is that of the Home Fleet Grey, used by the Royal Navy around the time of WW2. The mural also includes elements taken from in and around Gosport including the Seabrook Tower mosaics and sketches of local landmarks.

The mural is applied using a printed film which, shows the texture of the building facade behind.

Huge thanks to Lorna @ Gosport Pool Arena for kindly allowing us to use her premises to brighten up Gosport town centre.

Also thanks to Studio BAD who are formed from a number of collaborators across a range of disciplines including architecture, art, illustration and teaching and who are are driven by how C.21st architects can bring about positive community benefit through practice, education and research. Studio BAD is currently engaged in community and church projects in Southampton, Portsmouth and Gosport.